Save Space without Sacrificing Sleep with a Folding Bed

As the trend toward downplaying living space continues to grow, an increasing number of people are looking for ways to minimize their footprints while maximizing the square footage available to them. Wall beds had a hand in fostering this movement long before it even began. Over the years since this type of bed was originally launched, it has taken on a wide range of different forms, many of them designed to accommodate modern lifestyles.

Bookcase Beds

Though the very purpose of the original folding bed falls right in line with the public's space-saving needs, rumor has it early designs lacked a certain degree of style. With functionality in mind, Wilding Wallbeds are available in a bookcase version. By day, they serve as standard home libraries, but when bedtime rolls around, those bookshelves slide aside to reveal a cozy place for sleeping.

Bunk Beds

Few families need additional square footage more desperately than those with children; of course, the more children there are, the more beds they need. Though bunk beds take the added bulk upward rather than outward, they still consume valuable play space during the day when everyone is up and active. Folding bunk beds tuck neatly away into their supporting walls during the day, so the little ones and their toys can spread out as needed.

Desk Beds

Whether earning a full-time living or putting in overtime away from the office, an increasing number of people are taking advantage of the internet's widespread reach and working from home. For those with limited living space, this could mean working in bed with conventional sleeping options. Wilding Wallbeds accommodates the growing needs with a folding bed designed to double as a desk for restful nights and productive days all rolled into a single package.

With a wide range of folding beds available, there's no need to waste square footage or sacrifice the luxury of extra sleeping space. Let your game room pull double duty when guests come over or simply give yourself a little extra wiggle room during the day. Since an array of customization options are at your disposal, you can have one designed to fit in perfectly with your unique needs.

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